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Acne Approach

Urea peroxide, alpha-hydroxyl acids, and a special anti-androgen element are incorporated in Rejuvi Normalizing Formula. This combination triggers three mechanisms: sterilizing acne bacteria, removing the sebum plug on skin pores, and inhibiting excessive skin hormones to reduce oil production (an inherent factor causing acne). This is the most powerful synergistic solution for acne or pimpled skin. Rejuvi Conditioning Formula contains the anti-androgen element in substantially higher concentrations to focus on suppressing excessive skin hormones. The treatment can be left on skin for a much longer time to achieve a greater anti-androgen effect. The skin hormones can be normalized and excessive oil production is minimized, thereby, resolving the inherent acne problem or oily skin problem. Rejuvi Acne treatment incorporates Rejuvi Normalizing Formula and Conditioning Formula together with several other Rejuvi products to achieve amazing and long term results.

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