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Skin Whitening

Many consider "snow white," spotless skin the ideal of skin health and beauty. Skin whitening has been a challenging subject for centuries. Until now, very limited progress has been made. Rejuvi combines precious pearl powder, kojic acid, multiple anti-oxidants, and unique herbal extracts such as licorice and wheat germ, to create a unique skin whitening treatment. Rejuvi Skin Whitening Treatment utilizes thres major mechanisms: a) anti-tyrosinase activity -which inhibits the melanin enzyme to reduce melanin production; b) transmittal of a special bio-message to melanocytes that can produce light colored pigments; c) multiple anti-oxidants suchas vitamin C, arbutin, sodium metasulfite, kojic acid, cysteine etc. Rejuvi Skin Whitening treatment is a professional process utilizing Clearing Toner to remove heavy metal ions on the skin (dark color), Lightening Treatment for immediate effect (after 30 minutes), Whitening Formula for long term effect and several other Rejuvi products.

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