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In today's world, we want to look slim, healthy, and beautiful. Toward these ends, advances in biochemical research have allowed the cosmetic industry to make great progress in the treatment of unwanted body fat. Rejuvi Contour Formula is especially designed for the professional body contour treatments available in weight reduction salons and health spas. Rejuvi Contour Formula uses a high concentration of Theophyllisilane C and an exclusive herbal complex which has an exceptional facility for penetrating into the skin. In addition, a very penetrative or effective topical delivery system is used in the formulation. is the most advanced slimming ingredient available today. It stimulates lipolysis (decomposition of fat) without the side effects associated with xanthine. Moreover, the organo-silicone present in Theophyllisilane C allow for a targeted, or selective delivery. In other words, the active ingredients perform lipolysis on the fatty tissues in the hip, thigh or abdomen; wherever it is applied. In addition, herbal extracts improve cutaneous micro-circulation and facilitate in lipolysis and in the drainage of the decomposed fat. This unique Rejuvi approach offers a very effective and efficient slimming program.

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