Combining advanced herbalogy, the latest dermatological research, ancient beauty secrets from the Orient and modern cosmetic chemistry, Rejuvi provides a unique synergistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. has developed extensive professional skin treatments for a variety of skin problems & lesions. Rejuvi professional...

Combining advanced herbalogy, the latest dermatological research, ancient beauty secrets from the Orient and modern cosmetic chemistry, Rejuvi provides a unique synergistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. has developed extensive professional skin treatments for a variety of skin problems & lesions. Rejuvi professional treatments have produced many remarkable before/after results. Consequently, Rejuvi professional treatments are very powerful tools for estheticians, dermatologists and other skincare professionals.

Rejuvi products are not developed or tested on animals and are listed in the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), Approved Cruelty Free directory of beauty and household products (UK) and listed on the Cruelty Free Companies (USA).

Rejuvi can help you add more profit to your business by giving your customers the best results and products on the market.


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  • AHA Complex

    Rejuvi is the pioneering laboratory developing AHA complex that combines several members of alpha-hydroxy acids and BHA (beta-hydroxy acids) such as glycolic acid, latic acid, maliec acid, tartaric acid and citric acid in a unique liposome delivery system that offers superior efficacy, with minimal skin irritation. There are two concentrations (#1 and #2) for the esthetician's use. (equivalent to 25% and 35%). The higher concentrations are available for dermatologists' applications upon request. Rejuvi AHA Treatment includes many benefits, such as smoothing skin, reducing pore size, diminishing wrinkles, etc. Rejuvi AHA Treatment is a basic treatment incorporated with various other Rejuvi professional treatments.

  • Unique Milk Peel

    Rejuvi Milk Peel includes a natural extract from sour milk (lactic acid), papain (enzyme from papaya), salicylic acid (from natural plants), and a special penetration controller. Rejuvi Milk Peel provides a safe skin exfoliation process without the side effects phenol and TCA peels can cause. Rejuvi Peeling Formula performs the following functions: a) Generating maximum but gentle skin exfoliation. b) Stimulating proliferation of fibroblasts to increase dermal collagen and elastin. c) Normalizing skin cells and tissues. As a result, Rejuvi Milk Peel is a powerful skin resurfacing process with substantial dermal effects. It has several skin benefits such as: 1) Removing wrinkles and visible fine lines on the skin. 2) Diminishing pimple or acne marks. 3) Reducing scars. 4) Smoothing depressed pits on the skin. 5) Decreasing stretch marks and birth marks. 6) Polishing the skin gently for facial renewal. Rejuvi Peeling formula can be used for both Gentle and Deep Peels. Rejuvi Gentle Peel is for skin polishing without visible skin exfoliation. It is designed for treating the entire facial area, including the neck. It is very mild and compatible with almost all skin types. Rejuvi recommends application once a week or once every other week (depending upon skin type). Four treatments form a treatment period. Two months should elapse between treatment periods. Application of Rejuvi Deep Peel achieves deep & visible skin exfoliation, and is therefore, more aggressive for skin rejuvenation. In most cases, Rejuvi Deep Milk peel treatments can be given once or twice a year, preferably in the spring or fall (not in hot summer or cold winter). For tough skin problems such as depressed pits, deep wrinkles and acne marks, it may be applied several times (once per month) to achieve the desired results. It can be also applied to a localized skin area (not entire face). Please refer to the instructions of Rejuvi Gentle Milk/Enzyme Peel and Rejuvi Deep Milk/Enzyme Peel for treatment details.

  • Acne Approach

    Urea peroxide, alpha-hydroxyl acids, and a special anti-androgen element are incorporated in Rejuvi Normalizing Formula. This combination triggers three mechanisms: sterilizing acne bacteria, removing the sebum plug on skin pores, and inhibiting excessive skin hormones to reduce oil production (an inherent factor causing acne). This is the most powerful synergistic solution for acne or pimpled skin. Rejuvi Conditioning Formula contains the anti-androgen element in substantially higher concentrations to focus on suppressing excessive skin hormones. The treatment can be left on skin for a much longer time to achieve a greater anti-androgen effect. The skin hormones can be normalized and excessive oil production is minimized, thereby, resolving the inherent acne problem or oily skin problem. Rejuvi Acne treatment incorporates Rejuvi Normalizing Formula and Conditioning Formula together with several other Rejuvi products to achieve amazing and long term results.

  • Skin Whitening

    Many consider "snow white," spotless skin the ideal of skin health and beauty. Skin whitening has been a challenging subject for centuries. Until now, very limited progress has been made. Rejuvi combines precious pearl powder, kojic acid, multiple anti-oxidants, and unique herbal extracts such as licorice and wheat germ, to create a unique skin whitening treatment. Rejuvi Skin Whitening Treatment utilizes thres major mechanisms: a) anti-tyrosinase activity -which inhibits the melanin enzyme to reduce melanin production; b) transmittal of a special bio-message to melanocytes that can produce light colored pigments; c) multiple anti-oxidants suchas vitamin C, arbutin, sodium metasulfite, kojic acid, cysteine etc. Rejuvi Skin Whitening treatment is a professional process utilizing Clearing Toner to remove heavy metal ions on the skin (dark color), Lightening Treatment for immediate effect (after 30 minutes), Whitening Formula for long term effect and several other Rejuvi products.

  • Unique brown spot and...

    Rejuvi Spotaway technique is simple, quick and very profitable technique. The treatment for one spot merely take a few minutes, then keep from contact with water for 10-12 hours. The spot will peel off in 4 to 7 days. It is applicable to brown spots, liver spots, freckles, benign moles and skin tags (not large hyperpigmention)Brown spots and common moles are difficult to remove. Traditional hydroquinone, even at high concentrations, has a very limited efficacy. Furthermore, removing brown spots often causes a color regeneration problem - the spot comes back after a short time. Rejuvi Spotaway is an advanced technique that causes melanin to separate from normal skin tissue and finally peel off. Moreover, Rejuvi Spotaway can disturb the skin's "memory" to minimize the "spot regeneration" problem. It is safer than eletrocautery and laser mthods

  • Eye rejuvenating...

    This powerful eye treatment encompasses a number of Rejuvi products, such as: "i" Eye Repair Gel, Fruit Complex, Vitamin A Complex, Vitamin C Complex, Contour Formula and Facial Mask, etc., to impart a synergistic effect on eye area. Amazing results can be seen immediately following the procedure. Treatments can be performed every week or every other week, depending upon skin condition. A complete eye treatment should consist of 4 - 6 applications of the individual treatments, plus a home care program.

  • Retinoid treatment...

    Vitamin A, also called retinol, is a yellow, fat-soluble compound found in egg yolk, butter, carrots, and other vegetables. It is an essential nutrient that helps develop and maintain normal skin. Vitamin A is referred to as a "normalizer" that can reverse skin abnormalities, even pre-cancerous cells. In addition, vitamin A is one of nature's most powerful anti-oxidants . There are many Vitamin A derivatives, including retinyl acetate, propionate, palmitate etc., which are generally more stable than vitamin A, and which offer similar benefits to the skin. Vitamin A and all its derivatives have a distinct yellow color and are collectively called "retinoids" in chemistry. Because Vitamin A is inherently unstable, there are very few retinoid products, particularly professional treatments, on the market. Rejuvi has developed its vitamin A complex concept to stabilize retinoid. Rejuvi's Retinoid Formula contains vitamin A complex at exceptionally high concentrations, and is specifically designed for professional skin care. The major benefits are:

  • Anti-Cellulite

    In today's world, we want to look slim, healthy, and beautiful. Toward these ends, advances in biochemical research have allowed the cosmetic industry to make great progress in the treatment of unwanted body fat. Rejuvi Contour Formula is especially designed for the professional body contour treatments available in weight reduction salons and health spas. Rejuvi Contour Formula uses a high concentration of Theophyllisilane C and an exclusive herbal complex which has an exceptional facility for penetrating into the skin. In addition, a very penetrative or effective topical delivery system is used in the formulation. is the most advanced slimming ingredient available today. It stimulates lipolysis (decomposition of fat) without the side effects associated with xanthine. Moreover, the organo-silicone present in Theophyllisilane C allow for a targeted, or selective delivery. In other words, the active ingredients perform lipolysis on the fatty tissues in the hip, thigh or abdomen; wherever it is applied. In addition, herbal extracts improve cutaneous micro-circulation and facilitate in lipolysis and in the drainage of the decomposed fat. This unique Rejuvi approach offers a very effective and efficient slimming program.

  • Seaweed Mask

    Seaweeds such as algae, kelp etc. contain a unique substance called alginic acid which can absorb enormous amounts of water to form a viscous, thick and soft gel. Exclusive use of seaweed makes Rejuvi seaweed gel masks distinct from traditional clay masks, allowing this soft gel to deliver deep penetration of the various active ingredients in relaxing & enjoyable manner. Rejuvi provides 4 types of Seaweed Gel masks for specific applications. Rejuvi Pearl & Silk Mask Precious pearl powder, a unique organic "filler," smooths in lines while nourishing the skin with amino acids, protein and a variety of elements to rejuvenate the skin. Silk powder contains special proteins to nourish the skin. Ginseng extract enhances the oxygen supply in blood and promotes improved skin metabolism. All these ingredients are elements of fundamental Oriental beauty and skin care traditions. You will delight in your silky and lustrous skin. This mask is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Rejuvi Collagen Firming Mask Vegetable collagen and hyaluronic acid are excellent biological skin moisturizers that permeate the skin with water. Lecithin contains phospholipid - a critical skin component that provides excellent lipophilic nourishment to promote skin firmness & suppleness. These active ingredients rehydrate and nourish the skin, particularly excessively dry skin. Collagen Firming Mask is designed for dry or dehydrated skin. Rejuvi AHA Conditioning Mask This mask utilizes multiple alpha-hydroxy acids and papaya extract to promote the skin's natural exfoliation while it detoxifies debris on the skin. Conditioning mask is designed for oily skin, combination skin or acne skin. It can be used as a special deep cleansing for all skin types. Rejuvi Sea Remineralizing Mask Seaweeds are rich in mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and polysaccharide. Most of the seaweed mineral salts and trace elements are essential to the human body. This is the key for beauty from the sea. By using algae extract, kelp extract and organic minerals, this mask supplies the remineralization, rebalancing and revitalization of your skin. Sea Remineralizing Mask is compatible with all skin types. Rejuvi Seaweed Gel Masks provide more choices for the professional esthetician. Choose the appropriate mask for your clients so they can enjoy the benefits of the seaweed masks.

  • Improvement of...

    Microdermabrasion is a popular technique in the skin care market. Although it has certain skin benefits, it requires appropriate skin preparation and after care to achieve the desired result, particularly in minimizing undesirable side effects. Rejuvi has developed the optimum skin preparation and home care program for microdermabrasion. The skin cells are well cleansed and softened before microdermabrasion, and well hydrated afterwards. The home care program handles anti- pigmentation, skin recovery and skin sensitivity very well.

  • Unique Tattoo Removal

    Tattoos and permanent make-up are extremely inert, insoluble pigments buried in the inner layer of the skin, and as such, are very difficult to remove by any detergent or solvent. Surgical removal or laser treatment is very costly and may have a number of undesirable side effects, such as incomplete color removal, scarring and skin depigmentation. European Commission conducted study & research (May 2003) which has revealed that Laser Tattoo Removal may affect body immune system, lead allergic skin reaction and even produce carcinogenic substances - view Rejuvi Tattoo Remover utilizes an unique chemical extraction mechanism to soften the tattoo pigments that gradually move to the skin surface. Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is non-color selective (applicable to all tattoo colors), effective, less scarring and much less expensive. If properly applied, only one treatment is needed for removal of Permanent Makeup. However, 2-6 treatments are needed for body tattoo removal with miminal scarring risk. The time required for a treatment depends upon the removal area. The Patented Round 52 needle set (2012) provides a greater safety and speed for body tattoo removal and it is compatible to both coil tattoo machine and rotary tattoo machines. The treated area will initially experience erythema (redness), which will gradually diminish, leaving the skin perfectly normal. Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is effective for both body tattoos and permanent makeup, except for those in the delicate eye area. However, Rejuvi Tattoo Removal requires tattooing or permanent makeup experience because it uses tattoo-over procedures.Major Publications for Rejuvi Tattoo Removal technique: 1) "REVERSING TATTOOS", les nouvelles Esthetiques, (American Edition) , 39-44, (March 1997). view 2) "Correccion Y Remocion De Deleaneado Permanente. Un Metodo Seguro Y Efectivo", ("Correction and Removal of Permanent Makeup - a safe and effective method") EncuentroHispanoamericano, Cosmetcica Medica #39, 21, (February 2000) Spanish view 3) "A Non-laser Method to Reverse Permanent Makeup and Tattoos", Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol. 14, number 14, 47-50 (April 2001). view 4) "A Non-laser Method to Reverse Permanent Makeup and Tattoos", PCI Journal, Vol. 9, No. 5, 8. (2001) view 5) "CHEMICAL EXTRACTION TECHNIQUE FOR TATTOO REMOVAL", British Journal of Dermatology, 151, 1272-1288 (December 2004) view 6) Rejuvi's Successful Alternative to Removing Tattoos", CosmeticWeb 2008-2009. view 7) "A New Technique for Erasing Tattoos", Pain Magazine, October 2009 (page 50) view 8) "A New Dimension for Erasing Tattoos" Tattoo Guru Studio magazine, December 2009 Page 50 view

  • Hyaluronic acid serum...
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