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Secure payment

Our secure payment

With Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

PayPal is a service that allows you to pay online, send and receive money without sharing your financial information.

With PayPal, you can make payments online serene mind: PayPal lets you pay without sharing your financial information to third parties. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential data using the best technologies available on the market (electronic payment system SSL-Secure Sockets Layer). PayPal guarantees the confidentiality of your financial information while ensuring a 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

With our system you can pay with your credit card directly without creating a Paypal account.

At no time Rejuvi israel has access to your bank data. We only have a bank confirmation of the transaction for payment of your purchases on the site. 

After choosing your (or your) article (s) and filled the order, you must opt ​​for the method of payment: when you choose to pay by credit card via PayPal OR payment by PayPal account, you are automatically directed to the PayPal secure server where your banking information is requested. These will be in no way communicated to Rejuvi israel. PayPal's server request a payment authorization to your bank. You are informed of the response simultaneously Rejuvi israel, and, if it is positive, the transaction is automatically confirmed.

This is secured

As banking institution within the European Union, PayPal offers over 10 years of experience in online secure payments. PayPal encrypts and protects your bank details and never communicate them to the recipient of your payments.

It's quick and easy

No need to enter the 16 digits of your credit card every time you make a purchase online. Just use your PayPal password: email and password. Your transactions are instantaneous.

It's free

Pay online with PayPal does not cost you more than your credit card. If you make purchases in euros in the euro zone the European Union, it's free.