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צחי פז

Tattoo artist

צחי פז

 סטודיו לקעקועים פרסינג ואיפור קבוע. 0525436903

permanent makeup & tattoo removal

קוברה קעקועים ופירסינג | השייטים 1 אשדוד

Tuesday 10: 00-18: 00
Wednesday 10: 00-18: 00
Thursday 10: 00-18: 00
Friday 10: 00-16: 00
Saturdays Closed
Sunday 10: 00-18: 00
Monday 10: 00-18: 00

Tzachi tattooed and pierced for many years and knows the history of tattoos, colors, styles, different skin types, which tattoo suitable for whom and a lot of information accumulated over the years leads to his work and therefore the tattoo and selection is done expert work.

The studio operates under license and under all the sterilization conditions required for the Tattoo Institute in Ashdod.

In Tzachi Paz's tattoo and piercing studio you can get a tattoo, piercing earring, hair simulation, eyebrow tattoos etc. In the studio you can get advice and guidance on tattoo removal in Ashdod and more.

When you are looking for tattoos or piercing in Ashdod, it is recommended to go to the oldest tattooist in the city. Time and seniority have a meaning in knowing the people, their skin and their character. Tzachi Paz has the talent to touch anyone and his main specialty is tattoos with a free hand

You will come with your dream directions and Tzachi Paz will turn them into ink. Which means that Tzachi Raz will paint you with your next tattoo.

If you want to do piercing in Ashdod, contact Tzahi and he will be happy to give you all the information before, the appropriate accompaniment in the process itself and you will also be in the stage of recovering piercing, piercing just may cause problems and so it is important to access a professional Pirsar years of years in the city of Ashdod And he will perform your next piercing earring in a precise and sterile way. You will certainly get instruction and homework on how to handle piercing.

In the Cobra tattoo and piercing studio in Ashdod you can purchase tattoo products, protection and treatment creams, special piercing earrings and more.

The service at the Cobra Tattoos and Piercing Studio in Ashdod, run by Tzachi Paz, is exceptional. Tzachi will accompany you throughout the procedure patiently and attentively for as long as he takes.

Ask yourself where can I learn to tattoo? Where do I find a tattoo course? Tzahi Paz Tattoo and Piercing Institute in Ashdod has for many years taught quality courses to deserving students who are interested in learning the profession and want to become the next generation of tattoo artists in Israel.

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